Modernizing business banking

Introducing Deserve to a B2B audience.


For most tech companies, especially fin-techs, it’s tempting to lay all your impressive specs on the table and think it’ll be a no brainer for someone to use your service. Odds are, you’re one of countless similar pitches they’ve seen.

Deserve is a cloud-based, full-service credit card management technology platform. In fact, they’re the only one their kind. They’ve been successful as a B2C product. Now, they’re pivoting to B2B, an area traditionally inextricably tied to banks.

So how do you go to market in the overcrowded B2B fin-tech space?


Infuse a more compelling brand story into sales enablement pieces — yep, B2B branding. Then ladder the rest of the brand up to this story.

Brand Workshop + Competitive Analysis

We facilitated an in-person workshop to define and prioritize objectives related to Deserve’s B2B plan. Then we hit the research button (if only it was that simple) and performed a competitive analysis. These steps helped us identity where Deserve could disrupt a marketplace traditionally tied to financial behemoths (aka banks) or other Fintech startups promising everything.

We layered the sentiments gathered in the interviews with competitive content, search and social media audits, building up to refined audience personas, brand positioning, brand campaign development and content strategy.


Most pitch decks start with years of experience and company history before moving right into product. There’s no tension. It’s very you focused and not them focused. It’s not obvious to the pitch-ee what stress you’re alleviating. For Deserve, we consolidated and prioritized key message points in a more storied structure, positioning them as the hero for a specific problem. Then we created assets repurposable for web, social, email and more.


As a short-term sprint solution, we established a temporary landing page for Deserve’s B2B platform based on the messaging and aesthetic we developed for the pitch deck. 


Visually, it was important to differentiate from competitors who rely heavily on stock imagery and unhelpful icons. At the same time, we couldn’t go too trendy. Deserve is not some floundering startup — they’re quickly becoming a financial force in the space.