nbkc bank

Do money better.

Revamping a brand in the digital era of banking.


The banking industry has seen a huge evolution in the past few years. The country’s large, institutional banks are now seeing more competition coming from more nimble online brands, thanks in part to large numbers of millennials opting out of the traditional bank experience. 

Our friends at nbkc wanted to stay ahead of this rush of traditional and online brands vying for customer accounts. They already knew they had the best rates and best customer service around (a double whammy!). What they needed was a brand that stood out from the noise of other banks.


We helped nbkc establish a smart brand to resonate with the right audience, then built a marketing strategy to reach them effectively. 


Gather internal perspectives and build a brand
We started by interviewing internal stakeholders to understand the nuances of their products, key audiences, and perceptions of the brand. From there, we built out customer personas to align the team on key audiences and nbkc’s unique value prop for each. Our strategy and creative teams joined forces to build a brand architecture that defined nbkc’s voice and look. 

Define what we say and how we say it
Message hierarchy and content themes defined the ways we tell our story, and make sure we have a mix of content to reach the right audiences in a meaningful way. Channel strategy & lead modeling

Editorial calendar & content
With a firm brand foundation in place, it was time to apply the brand to nbkc’s external channels with an editorial calendar outlining the channels and content we’d focus on for the next year. Content briefs set up an efficient process to extract knowledge from internal thought leaders and distill into blog content. 

Organic and Paid Search
Native’s Performance Marketing team took over strategy on the paid and organic sides of search for nbkc. In the first month, nbkc’s paid search efforts made huge strides, reducing spend by 25.6%, increasing impressions by 415%, and ultimately account opens by 375%. On the organic side, nbkc’s website saw a 68% increase in organic search traffic within the first year of our partnership.


Stakeholder interviews, Personas, Brand Architecture, Message Hierarchy, Content Themes, Channel Strategy & Lead Modeling, Editorial Calendar, SEO and Paid Search, Content Creation, Paid and Organic Search strategy