Combining art and personality to disrupt the FinTech audience.

A disruptive FinTech firm with the bold branding to match.


C2FO is one of the fastest-growing FinTech firms in the nation. As the first and largest working capital market in the world, they are disruptors in every sense of the word – and came to Native for visuals and messaging to match. With big banks as their main competition and newcomers popping onto the scene, C2FO needed sales enablement collateral that left an impression on a very specific audience.


Native worked closely with the C2FO team to first establish audiences and messaging specifically for Enterprise Buyers. We provided strategic talking point recommendations, and directives for which points go in the sales brochure versus on the landing page. 

We honed in on a voice that is bold and confident while cheeky and approachable – a far cry from the other personalities in their space. We developed a distinct new visual style that sets C2FO apart from competitors to deliver a sales brochure without the expected and often-seen iconography. Instead, we opted for abstract symbolism which elevated the style to meet their level of credibility. Originating with an exploration of paper-cut shapes, we created illustrations that symbolize the depth and complexity with which C2FO partners with their clients. The shadows and texture of the paper in the illustrations is striking in comparison in the competitive landscape of straight-forward vector art. 

For upcoming conferences in Singapore, India, and Miami, C2FO sponsored coffee stations  as a hook piece to get attendees to the full info booth. Our interactive creative allowed the cups to stand out by forcing attendees to think about their “fill-in-the-blank”. Native leveraged this idea against the reality that C2FO isn’t a need-to-have for customers, they are a nice-to-have. Inviting attendees to explore their goals prompts them to feel C2FO gets them there. 

Today, we’re focused on using the same messaging and creative differentiators to reach a targeted digital audience.