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Aligning brand to boost marketing & sales.


POLITICO had created an extremely customizable subscription service – POLITICO Pro – to keep policy professionals up-to-speed with in-depth policy news – an essential tool for any policy professional relying on speed and accurate information. Now it was time to define the Pro brand and content strategy so that the marketing team could generate valuable content and develop strong leads.


The Native team started by interviewing current clients and prospects, focusing on understanding competitive landscape and Pro’s unique selling points, as well as uncovering the feeling that users had when interacting with POLITICO Pro.

Subscribers put a high value the inside knowledge and ability to know and act before everyone else. Non-subscribers knew that without Pro, they could be caught off-guard by changes – which happen fast in D.C.

We layered the sentiments gathered in the interviews with competitive content, search and social media audits, building up to refined audience personas, brand positioning, brand campaign development and content strategy.


It takes a lot to keep policy pros in the know on changes in Washington. We worked with the team at POLITICO Pro to develop long-form content covering essential knowledge that these fast-moving professionals need to keep them nimble and informed. Each piece was created with pros and potential subscribers in mind, to generate new leads and help the team see intent from current prospects through content downloads.


Display ad campaigns are an essential part of POLITICO Pro’s expanded digital marketing efforts. We created display ad campaigns promoting campaigns and new products with copy and design intended to connect with pros and their need to stay constantly informed.

Native Digital does not disappoint. They are true experts, methodical in their approach and delivery. They’re passionate and completely invested in our success. We’ve completed projects together that usually require huge departments and have now laid the foundation to see increased revenue year over year.

Sarah Eppler
Senior Director of Marketing, POLITICO