Visit Overland Park

Togetherness made easy in Overland Park, Kansas

Reintroducing the city to meeting planners.


Every city tells meeting planners the same thing: we have the best facilities, entertainment and transportation for your event. To rise above a long list of destinations, we had to create a cohesive brand messaging campaign that stood out from the crowd for a wide range of meeting planners.


We started with stakeholder interviews and found that Overland Park has a different story to tell. This is a place that puts people first to create a feeling of togetherness and familiarity. By focusing on time spent furtingerin relationships in OP, our lead message became clear: Togetherness made easy.

Digital Campaign

To capture planners at the top of the marketing funnel, we built a digital campaign with paid social, landing page optimization, and targeted emails for continued relationship nurturing. We created a playful in-destination attendee guide that included well-known destinations, tips from locals and a helpful map. 

Sales Support

Our end-of-funnel campaign strategy included email touchpoints, event activation design, videos, photography, lookbooks and sales collateral. We included unexpected leave-behind gifts like quirky playing cards that generate conversation among colleagues and friends, and sauce sets to include Kansas City’s famous barbecue as part of the Overland Park experience.

Creative Execution

To generate a sense of togetherness, we used in-the-moment group photography and candid interactions for video. Clean, white space with simple, big type nods to keeping things easy. Bold, modern illustrations create a feeling of helpfulness, and expands the experience into greater Kansas City. And everything carries a sense of ease and relaxation — just like meetings in Overland Park.