Henderson Engineers

Aligning precision with personality.

Bringing personality and craft to a brand and website.


Henderson Engineers is all about its people: people who build great relationships, drive innovative work and nurture a team spirit that you can feel as soon as you walk through the door. The company had previously existed as multiple sub-brands under the Henderson umbrella, but they were ready to unify and bring all their services together as one Henderson – and the need for a refined brand positioning, consistent and authentic voice and a new website and marketing collateral to match became clear.


The team at Native started by refining Henderson’s brand positioning, visual identity and voice to balance their deep expertise with their down-to-earth, fun and personable reputation. (Yep, we’re still talking about engineers here.

Previously divided up into unique brands like Fire Dynamics and Outcome Construction Services, Henderson chose to unite all their divisions under one Henderson name, look and sound. To make the transition as smooth as possible, Native Digital developed detailed brand guidelines and held in-person brand workshops for staff in all offices and departments.

Through design, we sought to create a device that solved two problems. First, most engineering photography only shows work, not the people or experiences that benefit from the work. Second, much engineering work is purposefully invisible to the common person. Our solution was a stylized collage grid showing the finished product and the emotional experience users of the space have, as well as photography of the behind-the-scenes engineering that makes such a seamless experience possible.


We don’t build sites without first digging into the data, so we started with keyword and competitive search intelligence for both Henderson Engineers and their sister company, Henderson Building Solutions, that helped drive the team’s decisions on the right terminology and naming to use in their complex and term-rich industry.

With insights in hand, our team developed the website sitemap, wireframes, design and copy, even producing new brand photography and video to capture Henderson’s unique culture and workplace accurately. Beyond its pretty exterior, we developed on-page SEO and technical SEO to ensure that both the Henderson Engineers and Henderson Building Solutions sites had a smooth transition to their new URLs.


In service industries, people make the difference. To showcase the culture and personality of Henderson, we led a multi-day photography and video shoot of the teams and projects. The result was a comprehensive library of visuals for many new customer touchpoints.