Marriott Le Méridien

Seeing St. Louis through rose-colored glasses.

La vie en rose. Everything
tinted with joy, with happiness.
Ah, isn’t that the life?

Brand Strategy
Naming & Logo Visual Identity
Messaging Playbook
Collateral Execution


The city of Clayton is mainly known as a business area of St. Louis. 

Le Méridien, a Marriott Bonvoy Collection hotel, has their sights on Clayton. 

They also have an idea for a café inside the hotel that seamlessly transitions from breakfast to lunch to dinner and drinks.

So how do we inspire the rest of St. Louis to find a new restaurant and bar inside a new Le Méridien Marriott in a business area of town?  

We’ve got to find a way to get travelers and residents alike to give this new café the time of day, multiple times a day. Coffee, cocktails and French cuisine. Morning, noon and night.


Explore new territories.
All Le Méridien Marriott food and beverage spots are inspired by a theme of Latitude and Longitude. Most even have one of those L words in the name. But we’d be doing curious travelers a disservice if we didn’t chart new paths.

Unearth design gems around town
Take inspiration from a rich history of St. Louis. Euro and French art deco interior architecture contrasted with bold colors, fun type treatments and unexpected specialty printing.

New visuals. Night and day.
Reflect the café transitions from breakfast, lunch and dinner to cocktail hour. A flexible brand that knows when it’s 5 o’clock somewhere — but also 6AM, noon, and dinnertime.

Anything but business as usual.
Add some personality to keep the business crowd coming back for coffee and lunch and happy hour.