Camelback Resort

Staking a flag atop the Poconos.

Getting skiers to swim indoors. And vice versa.


People love the Poconos Mountains. 

It’s why KSL Resorts acquired five properties there, each one offering something different. 

But not all the folks who ski there know they can now also swim indoors after they hit the slopes. Or go tubing or ziplining or any of the other countless adventures Camelback now offers within the same resort.

How do we create a brand and an experience where cross-selling feels natural and revisiting feels necessary?

Identify what flag to plant.

Craft a positioning and identity that could further anchor Camelback to the Poconos. Then, develop a personality — in this case, a bit of a purposefully corny one — that resonates with our audiences’ mindsets. Think “vacation dad who waited all year for this.”

Take content strategy to new heights.

Infuse insights from keyword research and SEO strategy into every paragraph of web copy. Compellingly, of course. If someone wants to go to the Poconos, we want them to go to Camelback. Heck, if someone in the northwest wants to go to any mountains at all, take ‘em to Camelback.

Streamline the digital experience.

Take five sites and turn ‘em into one. Then develop an app architecture with a user experience as seamless as the Camelback Resort itself. There’s a lot to explore on those mountains, even before you step foot on the slopes.

Plant flags all over the mountain.

Establish a whole new world of illustrations, develop flexible design systems and shoot new brand photography that captures the magic of being there.