Beating an already impressive return on spend.

Showing a successful sauna brand how to make a decade-long hot streak even hotter.


SEM: Search Engine Marketing


Sunlighten sells saunas. A lot of saunas. For the past decade, they’ve been selling more and more, growing at a rapid pace.

In fact, they enjoy a 1698% return on ad spends. Which sets a high bar. Especially when their team presents us with a tall task:

“Beat this.”


Sweat the keyword bid strategy.

Align keyword cost with the value of capturing that traffic. Do it without sacrificing organic brand visibility or overpaying for our own terms. Efficiency is the key word of the keyword game.

Fuel the sales team.

Let’s make life easier for the folks on the frontlines by upgrading low-funnel lead gen and nurturing. So sales can focus on what they do best.

Promote what works. Cut what doesn’t.

Are the keywords we invest in driving conversions? If the answer is no, move that money to keywords driving revenue.


A 2215% return on ad spend.

We beat it, the 1698% ROA we were challenged to beat.

Our collaboration drove 25% of their revenue in 2020 and saw some other noteworthy bumps, too:

+145% Increase in Leads
+213% Increase in Sales
+$220% Increase in Revenue

We hit the one-two punch.

Improving ROAS and growing revenue at the same time is difficult: like a football player adding 25 lbs while shaving a quarter second off their 40 time, it’s difficult to get bigger and more efficient simultaneously.  We’re mixing our sports metaphors, but you get the idea. Things are heating up.