Miraval Spa

Building a new home for mindfulness in Southern California

Capturing the mindful, restorative feeling of a SoCal retreat.


Miraval Life in Balance Spa at Monarch Beach Resort had a minimal website that wasn’t telling their unique brand story or hitting business goals. As the second, newest location of the Miraval Spa brand, with its richly established original location in Tucson, the spa needed a richer web experience to match their established brand, raise local brand affinity, attract more traffic and convert interested guests.


Through keyword research, client interviews and analysis on the current website, Native set the foundation for Miraval to own and expand on its unique brand: a spa experience focused not just on beauty and relaxation, but mindfulness and personal development.

Website Design

Using the data on hand, we uncovered the best user pathways to book treatments, appointments and classes, so that the spa could show off its wide array of fitness classes, signature treatments and special events. A reworked navigation that made it easier for users to find the right content quickly was an essential step.

Building on the original Tucson location’s existing site design, Monarch Beach’s design and copy was crafted to give users the true feeling of being at Miraval in Orange County, incorporating essential elements used in treatments, a stacking rocks theme unique to the property, and content that created a feeling of calm, retreat and strength.


Building on the design direction developed with the website, our team was tapped to produce a photo shoot. We focused in on Miraval’s unique oceanside Southern California vibe, combined with an in-the-moment, reflective feeling that guests can only experience through Miraval’s intentionally crafted treatments and classes.


The previous Miraval site lacked organic search traffic – an essential source of web traffic. Our team conducted a search and keyword audit to match search opportunities to spa offerings and local consumer interests.

Findings informed the development of site structure, on-page metadata, and content optimization for the new site.

The Native team really delivered on our website. Every element of the engagement was completed either on or ahead of schedule. We’re extremely pleased with the structure, look and functionality of a website that truly brings our brand to life.

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