Scott Hansen:

Scott Hansen is founder and President at ProfessionalChats, the leading provider of live online chat service for SMB customers. Scott has a history of creating value having already led two successful exits. Prior to founding ProfessionalChats and bootstrapping a team from 1 to 130+ in two years, Scott re-branded his family’s orthodontic practice and turned it into one of the fastest growing businesses in the US, winning consecutive Inc. 5000 list designations.

In 2016, after establishing my family’s orthodontic practice as one of the fastest growing businesses in the country, we were constantly looking for ways to increase the number of new customers who we were attracting for braces. We realized that when potential customers visited our website, they were at the peak of the interest. After all…who gets on a dentist’s website for fun?! Because these new customers were visiting our site, we knew that they desired our services. Yet, we had no way of engaging those customers in that moment. So, like most businesses, most of our visitors hit the “back” button and moved on to the next website. We knew that we needed this to change.

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