Jeremy Ragonese:
Uinta Brewing

We don’t remember hearing anything from our college advisors about using our advertising or design degrees to become the president of a craft brewer, yet that’s exactly what Jeremy Ragonese has done. After 11 years of agency life, Jeremy spent a decade leading marketing efforts at Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Co. before moving to Salt Lake City to become Chief Marketing Officer and now President at Uinta Brewing. Raise a pint with us and enjoy Jeremy’s insights. 

The first question I’m always asked is “how do you pronounce your brewery name?” to which I respond: “You-In-Ta.” Like many craft brewers who began with modest aspirations of serving a local audience, Uinta Brewing is synonymous with the state it calls home. From the outset, a love for Utah, a thirst for adventure, and an appreciation of the great outdoors both inspired and informed the brewery’s founders. Uinta refers to a mountain range in northeastern Utah — the highest range in the continental United States that runs east-west. The mountains are popular for fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities that tourists and locals enjoy with a cooler or backpack full of their favorite Uinta brew.We opened our doors in 1993 as Utah’s third post-prohibition brewery, and Uinta is currently ranked by the Brewers Association as the 42nd largest craft brewer by volume in the US. If you’re among Utah’s approximately 20 million visitors each year you might have run across local favorites such as Cutthroat Pale Ale or Golden Spike Hefeweizen, but back in Kansas City you’re more likely to know us through Hop Nosh IPA or Lime Pilsner.

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