Joe Mandacina:

It’s impossible to talk about big brands in Kansas City without mentioning Cerner and Sprint, and Joe Mandacina has been in leadership roles at both. Before becoming Cerner’s Chief Communications Officer in early 2019, Joe spent several years at Sprint in various executive positions in Marketing, General Management, Corporation Communications, Business Development and Finance. Knowing that he serves as a mentor to nearly a dozen colleagues, we asked him to share some insights with us… and you.

Cerner is a 40-year old technology company that specializes in health care.  The company pioneered software to digitize the Electronic Medical Record and today, Cerner has the largest global market share. Today, Cerner has health care data on nearly 250 million lives and every day nearly three million clinicians access Cerner’s secure systems. The next chapter for Cerner is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive new innovations from the data and that can transform the future of healthcare.

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