Andrew Vontz:

Pop quiz: How many runners report never hitting the snooze button? 57 percent. Do men or women say they enjoy running uphill more? Men. We know this thanks to today’s email from Strava, the fitness brand that connects millions of athletes online to help them track, share and archive their activities and applaud their friends. Join us as we take a break from geeking out on our stats (but really, check out this heat map) to talk to Andrew Vontz, head of communications at Strava, creator/host of the Choose the Hard Way podcast and, as you’ll see, a Kansas City native and Chiefs fan.

In our book, if you sweat, you’re an athlete. People keep people active and Strava is a community built to motivate every athlete, everywhere in the world. We turn technology into a powerful tool for athletes, not a distraction. We help you to workout smarter, stay safe and find the best places to do the activities you love. But our goal is to get people to put their phones down and go sweat. For every minute athletes spend in our app, they spend about 50 minutes being active. 

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