Scott Browning

Scott leads Hallmark’s Prototype Studio with a team responsible for product exploration, development, feasibility testing and short run commercialization of 2D and 3D products. He also runs the LEaP Lab allowing Hallmarkers to learn and experiment with the latest tools for rapid prototyping.

What Would an Outsider Be Surprised to Learn About Hallmark’s Prototype Studio?

The variety of capabilities we offer. For obvious reasons most people think of cards when they think about Hallmark. The Prototype Studio does have a robust card prototyping facility but a large portion of our work supports 3D product development.

Our model shop supports Hallmark team’s with a variety of 3D prototyping needs. Projects range from pieces as small as Keepsakes ornaments to items as large as store fixtures. We have craftsmen skilled in woodworking, casting, milling, 3D modeling & printing, CNC routing and more.


How Has the Leap Lab Influenced How Hallmark Takes New Products to Market?

The LEaP lab is our Learning, Exploring and Prototyping DIY lab. It’s a space that encourages collaboration and sharing of ideas, stimulates curiosity and inspires people to create. The lab offers 16 classes on the latest prototyping and Advanced Manufacturing equipment and technology. Giving teams the ability to experiment and explore their ideas through prototyping has had a major impact on how we develop new products. More ideas get prototyped for consideration. Product ideas go through more iterations more quickly, resulting in a refined product offering.


You Have a Handful of Power Users Constantly Tinkering in the Lab. What Do They Have in Common That Attracts Them to Prototyping?

They’re all incredible makers! They love using a wide variety of equipment to meet their prototyping needs. Most of them have taken every class we offer and even teach a few classes themselves. They are the “go to” people to ask the best approach to making a prototype.


How Has Your Background at a Magazine and in Pre-Press Prepped You for This Role?

That experience has been valuable in all my roles at Hallmark, especially in design and printing. The Prototype Studio has a print shop that can make the most elaborate Hallmark cards. My understanding of file requirements, color reproduction and lithography has been essential to my success here. However, a large part of our work supports 3D product development. Before leading the Prototype Studio I didn’t know much about 3D printing, CNC milling, casting, laser cutting.


What Is Your Latest Epiphany?

A life lesson learned and relearned. Whatever I’m planning to do, personally or professionally, I do it now! I don’t wait to have all the answers. I trust my gut and go!

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