Virgin Mobile

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Rebel with a purpose.


Virgin Mobile was repositioning itself in the marketplace. They wanted to re-define what pre-paid mobile could mean to customers and had recently launched their Inner Circle plan for iPhone users with unrivaled introductory pricing and perks. At the same time, they needed to identify those customers who their new product offerings appealed to the most.

The team at Virgin was searching for strategic direction, creative firepower and agility to move quickly.


The work you’ll see below was generated in a brief 6 week time span. The mystery shopping, street interviews, and data insights gave our team a clear picture of the opportunity for Virgin Mobile. The creative ideation gave the team at Virgin Mobile the confidence to hire us for their upcoming product launch.

Sidenote: This isn’t your typical client case study. Watch the video to hear the backstory.

Qualitative research doesn’t have to be dry. Go to the customers. Go to the point-of-sale. (WATCH)

Dive into the data. A small preview of the quantitative research.

Dive into the data. A small preview of the quantitative research.

With new insight, we established how the brand could be repositioned in the mind of consumers by adjusting our lead messaging.

Hyperlocal targeting and ad versioning got us down to the essentials.

To help promote the feeling of being part of an inner circle of friends, we used pre-roll video with simple messaging followed by conversational topics relevant to content the audience was searching for.

An activation/mystery tour started with a branded metrocard which led to a clue, then to a secret access page and finally, to a private rooftop concert.

We created out-of-home and point-of-purchase messaging with a little bit of attitude.

And to round it out, we designed digital display and social ads that got straight to the point but maintained the same attitude.


This is how we found ourselves working with Sir Branson.