True Sports

Speaking baseball’s language.

Launching a bat brand into DTC territory.


Fitting a kid for a bat has been done the same way for a century. And baseball likes its traditions. True Diamond Sports brings a patented, more accurate fitting method and unique half sizes to the youth batter’s box.

So how do we overturn a 100-year old method?


Get smart, quickly
Watch a lot of baseball, dig into consumer insights, identify brand attributes, ingest any and all data we can get our hands on. Eat your heart out, Billy Beane.

Make the dream work through teamwork
Align with True on a tight brief. Only then can we stand a chance at knocking the conceptual thinking out of the park because we know where to point. Shouts to Babe Ruth.

Play the game
Bold messaging, bolder layouts. And a lot of each. Take those, draw Xs and Os and map messages to the audience funnel across paid and owned channels. 

Practice until perfect
Deploy paid media and actively optimize for the lowest CPA. After launch, we visited the mound a few times, swapped righties for lefties and made the most of the matchup.