Pivot Bio

Rethinking crop nutrition

Aligning brand to boost marketing & sales.


Pivot Bio, a Berkeley-based synthetic biology company, has a mission to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizer with something more environmentally sustainable for future generations of farmers.

As they prepared to launch the world’s first nitrogen-producing microbe product, Native Digital was selected to support the go-to-market strategy in partnership with strategic communications firm, Look East.


Understanding the intricacies and needs of their wide range of audiences and stakeholders was step one. With audience insights firmly documented, we continued with brand positioning, value propositions for each audience, and defining a distinct personality and story behind the new product.


Through several quick rounds of naming exploration, we provided the team a variety of conceptual directions along with trademark and availability.

Understanding that this new product would soon be introduced to an audience of next gen farmers who are as savvy as they are skeptical, we knew this new product brand would be received with necessary scrutiny and examination.

Farmers require proof. And with continued field studies proving game-changing results, Pivot Bio was ready to reveal the transformational potential of this science-based technology to the agricultural industry.

The name PROVEN was selected to emphasize the positive results from continued field studies along with the ability to highlight the N as a nod to nitrogen–the key component in supplying crops with sufficient nutrients to grow.


We delivered a logo identity and overall look and feel that balances Pivot Bio’s internal identity of innovation and disruption with farmers’ values of family, community and sustainability.

Amid the press coverage of the product launch, Pivot Bio secured Series B funding of $70 million led by Bill Gates’ innovation investment fund, Breakthrough Ventures. Shortly after Fast Company named them to the Most Innovative Companies list.

Their approach to brand strategy is both highly efficient and rewarding. Native brought extensive expertise and a well-defined process that exceeded expectations. They developed all aspects of the brand–well beyond visual representation–so we could launch on time and on strategy. I’m thrilled with the results and our continued partnership.

VP, Communications