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Making an impression on busy veterinarians


How do we stand out as an alternative to other weight loss medication with a Veterinarian audience that has limited time and mindspace for medications outside of their go-to?


Purposeful Creative: We went above and beyond the brochure. Even the box our kit came in doubled as a kitty cafe for the resident office cat. 

Emotional Engagement: Instead of focusing solely on product, we recognized the stress Veterinarians go through, and provided thank you letters as an extra personal touch. 

Remained Top of Mind: Mouse (cat?) pads for the office computer, cell phone cases, and even litter scoops were fun ways to stay top of mind for prescribers and associate the brand with levity.

Toolkit container

Instead of another sales folder cluttering an already bustling office, we created a box for the resident office cat to make his home. The cafe exterior serves as a continual reminder to the Vets walking by that Mirataz encourages eating.

Thank You Note

Through stakeholder interviews and audience personas, one message rang loud and clear: Veterinarians don’t always get the love they deserve. To show we love anyone who loves cats, we included a hand-written thank you card from our sales team.

Printed Collateral

Focusing on the cat’s ears in imagery allowed us to represent the unique differentiator of transdermal application.

Awareness Swag for Vets

Our rubric for perfect swag items was simple: must relate to eating and must bring a smile to the Vet.

Retention Swag for Pet Owners

What better way to make pet owners want to come back to the vet more often, than a best friend keychain for their cat?