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Welcome to the Homefield advantage

Building an experience for every athlete.


Elite Sports is a sports complex for high-level training. Or they used to be just that and only that. With national growth plans, they’re evolving the concept. Training, nutrition, physical therapy and massage now under the same roof as a restaurant, bar, e-sports arena and more. 

How do you appeal to both serious amateur athletes and also families? Tough question. Because intensity and approachability don’t normally vibe.


Sports facilities exist, but not like this. We knew we had to do the proper groundwork before we could start building something completely new while still tapping into existing emotional equity.


We identified the core target audiences to reach. Primary: athletes and their families. Secondary: cities looking for a solution like this in their communities. 

From there, we defined audiences as a way to understand the jobs to be done, their motivations and stressors. Then we reconciled their wants and needs to find an intersection that would resonate. The value props set the foundation.


At this facility, there are no sidelines. Athletes train. Parents grab a bite to eat or get their own workout in. No one goes through the motions. Everyone is active. That’s the competitive advantage, their unique selling proposition. 

We planted brand pillars and voice traits founded in this idea of continuous movement.


There’s an edge when you’re on your own turf, when you’re familiar with your surroundings. It’s an advantage you can’t quite describe. It just feels like home. Or in the case of this new Elite Sports brand, it feels like Homefield.


Inspired by traditional sports type, we created a primary logo with custom typography. The rounded, organic quality conveys the approachability of Homefield. The “F” has been affected to give a small nod toward soccer, subtle enough to be true to soccer roots without excluding other sports. By keeping the brand mark clean and simple, we can contrast from business elements and create a classic look to outlive trends.

As a secondary mark, the “H” icon feels friendly, energetic and mixes in a hand-drawn aesthetic.

The brand design uses bold colors reminiscent of a team’s brand identity. Photography is clean and high-contrast to represent the professional level of offerings and intensity of training.

Inspired by sports throughout history, we created a library of hand-drawn illustrations for a nostalgic nod with a human element. Grounded in humanity, we found ways to add energy to elements that would otherwise be static.

Homefield has exciting days ahead. We’re glad we’re on their team.