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The classic golden ale finds an American audience.

Founded in 1871, Duvel set the tone for what a Belgian Golden Ale should be.


Duvel is a classic with strong sales abroad. But in the U.S. – where craft beer is king – sales were trailing. Duvel Moortgat was on the hunt for their true fans in the U.S. and the timing was right to reposition the brand for an American audience.


Social Media Audit
To understand Duvel’s current position in the U.S. market, we started with a strategic brand and content audit. Through interviews with dedicated beer drinkers, social media content analysis and competitive analysis, Native helped determine the driving factors behind consumers’ beer choices and how they view Duvel as a brand.

With a deep understanding of the audience, we then defined a new positioning and messaging architecture for Duvel’s U.S. social media channels. By speaking to only a niche audience most likely to embrace Duvel, we were able to remain focused on the same target.

Along with the updated approach, we offered tactical guidance in the form of content themes, creative recommendations, strategic social media management and ad campaign recommendations.

Since Duvel is already a classic, the approach included voice recommendations that emphasize confidence and guidance, designed to reach U.S. consumers who were ready to level up into more sophisticated beer drinkers.

Native’s comprehensive analysis brought us a greater understanding of our target consumers, and the means by which we can improve our online conversations with them.  Their experienced team made the assignment a very natural, seamless process, punctuated with actionable details that make everyone – from contributors to the board room – confident with the results.

Jeremy Ragonese
Director of Marketing, Duvel Moorgat USA