Helen Jon

Moving a luxury swimwear brand online.

From resort wholesale to more modern behaviors.


Helen Jon swimwear sells well at resorts. So they set their eyes on expanding, this time to direct-to-consumer channels.

Trouble is, they only have brand equity inside resorts. 
How do you find an audience who isn’t looking for you? 
How do you connect to them? 
And how do you get them to try on your swimwear?


To dip Helen Jon’s toe into social media and SEO, we knew what we had to do. Put our best foot forward, then optimize again and again, making a bigger and bigger splash. By spending less and less.

Diving into deep analysis
We researched luxury swimwear and resort wear. Then, we identified popular and niche keyword clusters. With that, we wrote content briefs the client could use to create website content to draw people in.

Segmenting the Swimmers
We looked at the social interests of the demo we knew a swimsuit like this would appeal to.

Planning the Outfit
Our Performance Marketing team built a projection model to land on a budget with a high return on spend. Then we activated the plan across Facebook and Instagram.

Testing the Waters
We A/B tested. A lot. Working with Helen Jon’s internal team, we created ongoing social ads, then we optimized based on what worked. And we cut the ones that didn’t work — we should have kept the tags on those.

Keyword: keywords.
By integrating high-performance keywords through Helen Jon’s website, we were able to optimize search engine rankings.


We had our hunches, but we weren’t 100% sure what would resonate most with our audience. 

So our Creative team buddied up with our Performance Marketing team to find messaging that connected with our audience and, in turn, sold swimsuits.


Nearly a 500% return on spend. 
By focusing efforts on better search ranking for popular terms and cost-effective traffic drivers, we increased the average order value, driving down the cost-per-purchase. For 4.73 ROAs on social.