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Things we’re pretty sure are true about content

Justin Watkins

May 2015


Open strong
Use emotionally strong language to grab attention.

It’s them, not you
Don’t be distracted by your own interests. What are buyers’ interests?
Define your audience segments well. Really well. Fill a need – whether emotional or useful. Then avoid the distractions of the masses.

Express a point-of-view
Take a stance. Don’t be just informational or hard selling. Those are turn-offs. Find a unique, human voice. It’s relateable and builds trust.

Create once, use many ways
Curate, create, repurpose. Content is currency everywhere online and offline. Make the message about the message, then tweak it for many channels.

Optimize regularly
Prune as needed. Beware of waste masked as growth. Be disciplined to eliminate non-performing efforts and unneeded processes. Double down on the promising areas.

Make it visual
We’re visual creatures. Time and time again research shows we prefer the visually stunning over everything else. Plus, it says a lot in a quick instance. People have just enough time for that.

Make it functional
Tools and interactivity often deliver a message loud and clear. How can you be useful to decision makers? Think beyond words and images.

Be proactively consistenct
Create a sustainable frequency, quality, message, tone, delivery, and creation process. Plan it out and be realistic. Then followthrough.

Be digestible
Keep it brief, accessible and quick to understand.

Be unexpected
We’ve seen it all. How will you do it differently?