Growing Market Share

Springboarding to the New Normal

Brainstorms don’t have to start from scratch. Since we could all use a kickstart right now, here’s a few thought starters to consider how your brand messaging will adapt in the new normal:

Digital Everything

Working from home and online meetings just became a norm, as is. So is talking to a doctor and coughing into a camera. How will your customer experience change in this new normal?


Essentials have been delivered to us. A trip to the store went from hassle to hazard. What will customers demand of your delivery methods?

Isolated Mindstate

We all need a bit of emotional support during isolation. Some will remain introspective. Some will have rethought major topics. Some will just be ready to party. How will your best customers react?

Collective Wellbeing

Cleaning and self-care have been top of mind, not just for ourselves but for others. Seniors in particular have been of concern. How else will we look after the vulnerable populous?

Appreciate Slow

Parents have spent more time with their kids and been more hands on with their learning. The hustle and bustle stopped for a moment. Will we be ready to jump back to full speed or think twice?

Local Pride

Your favorite gathering spot has had it rough. Support from the community will be at an all-time high. How can your brand lend your support?

Give these a whirl, and get back to us.

Let us know what leads to a new idea. Or give us a shout with an area we haven’t thought of yet. Want more thought starters? We can help with that, too.

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Or skip the articles and get our entire strategy on how to grow market share during economic change. It’s free. It’s not even gated. Just be sure to tell us how you’re putting it to good use.

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