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Right & Wrong: Lessons in Shareable Content

Justin Watkins

March 2018

As marketers, we’re steeped in the best practices of developing and distributing content. But if we’re all following the same rules, how can your message stand out? It’s a not easy, so we developed a 10-point checklist to grade our ideas against before we set out to create a new content series. The funny thing is, we’re starting to use it for paid ad campaigns as well.

It’s not an easy set of questions to pass. In fact most of our original ideas flunk it. BUT, from there we have a better idea of how to push them to a better spot.

Take a look at the full talk where I step through this list at SMCKC’s March meetup:

See the full deck here:
Slideshare: Right & Wrong: Lessons in Shareable Content

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