Cornerstones of Care

Welcome to healthcare that cares.

Creating a brand that’s true to a cause.


KCCare and Cornerstones of Care, two KC-based nonprofits, saw a need in the community: quality family healthcare, especially for those in the foster system. Joining forces, they developed a solution that would be affordable and accessible: Homeroom Health. Located in the Wonder Shops & Flats in the heart of the city, Homeroom Health is a central location that provides physical, oral, social and behavioral health care to those who don’t always have access to health care.


They already had the name: Homeroom Health. Now they needed the brand to bring it to life. Cornerstones and KC Care tapped Native to help shape the narrative and develop the Homeroom Health brand to resonate with families seeking affordable healthcare.

Our Approach

We dug into the numbers about who Homeroom Health needed to reach – families with Medicaid or no health insurance, foster families needing support, and teens transitioning out of foster care. To create a brand that resounds with the audience we needed to understand our audience. What their needs, stressors are. What they respond to.

What did we create?

We started by hosting a workshop with key stakeholders to outline the goals Homeroom Health needed to accomplish before and after launch. We took input from this session and created a PR and social media roadmap to outline the tactics and materials needed for a successful launch. While outlining plans for the launch, we were also developing the Homeroom Health look and feel. Taking our findings from stakeholder input and audience research, we developed a message playbook outlining the key message points tailored to each audience, helping craft the story we tell each audience, and equipping their teams with the talking points they needed. A logo and brand identity was created to help capture the young, approachable atmosphere that Homeroom Health wanted to have in order to attract their target demographic. With those main brand pieces established, we were able to apply this identity to the Homeroom Health website and photography. By coordinating the photo and video shoots, we were able to capture engaging imagery without relying on stock photography that doesn’t reflect Homeroom Health’s unique space.