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When Algorithms Attack

Olivia Shelton

August 2016


The big news

Facebook’s newest employee is an algorithm
Odds are you’ve heard about the scandal surrounding human bias and Facebook’s trending topics feature. Facebook recently responded by subtracting the human factor that deciphers trending news stories, and now relies on an algorithm to deliver news. The problem is, maybe we still need humans.

Video Ads

Twitter to share ad revenue on individual users’ videos
Users can now get a piece of the Twitter pie. As part of its plan to expand video, Twitter is giving users the chance to monetize their videos by checking a box that opts them into running ads before their video. Twitter is one of several platforms that has recently begun to monetize user content.

Video ads are coming to Pinterest
Pinterest is the latest social platform to adopt video ads, so we think it’s probably safe to say video is officially everywhere. Video on Pinterest means brands have the ability to show off products right off the bat for receptive viewers, considering many users on Pinterest are more likely to be in the market to buy a product. Smart move, Pinterest.

New features

Snapchat simplifies custom geofilters
Snapchat introduced a new desktop tool to simplify the process of creating custom geofilters for individuals, smaller brands and businesses. Ultimately, the tool means less back and forth when it comes to creating a design that meets Snapchat’s requirements.

Google reviews are changing
Google is making changes to the number of unique reviews required in order for searchers to read reviews. Now, instead of 30 reviews, you’ll need 150. This steep change means Google strategy is even more necessary for smaller organizations.

Also …

Brands are already gearing up for Pumpkin Spice Latte Season. Starbucks has a chatbot for that.

What We’re Drinking

With the unofficial end of summer just around the corner, it felt right to break out Argus Fermentables Ciderkin. Something about this tart cider makes me feel like I should be wearing flannel.