Content Writer

Stacey Burke

Makes the technical truly digestible.

Content Writer

How do you write about something without knowing every single detail? That sounds like an impossible feat for Stacey.

She’s a Content Writer at Native with a penchant for research. Diving deep into a topic can quickly become an obsession. But it’s her favorite part of the gig.

Stacey’s always learning about something new. Then she gets to turn that into a well-crafted, intriguing piece of content. Getting paid to do so is just icing on her content cake.

When she’s not learning more about a new topic at Native, you can find Stacey doing the same — more or less.

Her love for research never really ends. It’s led to some pretty cool hobbies, though. Sifting through bins for thrift finds, crocheting crooked scarves and spending time in the great outdoors are just a few.

Favorite Drink

Strawberry and Creamy Root Beer Zevias

Favorite Music

Most subgenres of rock with classical at a close second. The drama of a Nicholas Britell or Ludovico Einaudi piece? I love.

Little Known Fact

I despise styrofoam. Why does it have to make such horrid sounds? It’s a crime.