Creative Director

Shelby Mathews

Explorer of design, strategy and storytelling.

VP, Creative

Shelby does it all: from concept to execution, she’s a creative force to be reckoned with. Her job description, depending on the day, can encompass design, brand strategy, art direction, video and photo shoot production, project management and creative concepting. The team at Native relies on Shelby’s keen design eye and integration of strategy to guide and move projects from concept to execution.

Some of Shelby’s favorite projects at Native have been the brand positioning for the City of San Jose – she says, “One of the most memorable things about this project was getting embedded in the city and going from an outsider trying to give something to the city, to an invested fan wanting to design something that reflects the culture and stories already there,” and the Miraval Life in Balance Spa website redesign, which she was able to approach holistically: getting to know the brand, designing the site and even producing the photo shoot.

Shelby is a lifelong explorer and loves to travel, play basketball, enjoy a fine bourbon, and climb all the trees (true!).

Favorite Drink

Woodford neat

Favorite Music

Hip-hop & bluegrass

Little Known Fact

I traveled by myself for 22 hrs straight on a low-caste train through India in 120º weather with no cell phone. And I loved it.