Associate Creative Director

Rachel Kampen

Creative problem solver and finder of “aha!” moments.

Associate Creative Director


When you ask Rachel what her job is, she’ll tell you she’s a creative problem solver. She loves diving deep into the weeds of a problem, searching for ways to flip it on its side and discover a new way to solve it. For Rachel, the most rewarding part of any project is the “aha!” moment when a project clicks together.

Before starting at Native, Rachel worked on projects spanning from the fitness and outdoor industries all the way to healthcare. Industry aside, Rachel says that any kind of project that improves people’s lives is what she loves to work on.

Outside work, Rachel keeps busy with all kinds of things: you can find her tinkering with her letterpress or tackling a home reno project. She also loves to travel, get outside, garden, experiment in the kitchen, and hang with her husband Rob and dog Finn.

Favorite Drink

Sweet tea in the summer, and lattes all the time.

Favorite Music

I’m really not picky (#middlechild), but I love anything by Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Queen, The Beatles etc.

Little Known Fact

I once ran into the King of Morocco on vacation. My husband and I were wandering the streets in Fez, Morocco when a crowd of people appeared and rushed into the streets. The King’s motorcade came down the street right in front of us — he got out, kissed babies and waved while the crowd cheered!