Search Strategist

Peter Soto

Natural Storyteller. Also a huge nerd.

Search Strategist

When it comes to telling stories, Peter’s a natural. He’s also a huge nerd. And that comes in handy for us and our clients. He combines the data he sees with the skills he knows to create clear, concise and effective messaging for clients of all sizes.

When he’s not helping clients craft their messaging, he’s usually playing basketball, writing poetry, cooking and treating his cats like they’re his children

Favorite Drink

Black coffee in the morning and a good stout at night.

Favorite Music

There was a point in my life when I traveled across the country to attend electronic music festivals. Not so much anymore. These days, I mostly listen to folk music or rap on my laptop.

Little Known Fact

I’ve made the bed in a different style every day for more than a year. I also read the Bible cover-to-cover in less than a year.