Sr Account Manager

Paige Krauss

People Champion. Creative Conduit.

Sr Account Manager


Some say the proof is in the pudding. But given Paige’s experience leading accounts, from a local Missouri creamery to a nationwide fast food chain, you might better say the statistics are in the milkshake. From those experiences, and others, she can say with confidence that great results come from smart creative and a solid agency-client connection.

Paige loves the feeling of a successful presentation and the freedom of a long jog. When life allows, she’d like to come home to a French Bulldog named Phillip Valentine (rumor has it that she already owns the Instagram handle). Until then, she’ll settle on her husband — and their roles as the cool aunt and uncle.

Favorite Drink

La Croix during the week. Tito’s and soda on the weekends.

Favorite Music

I love house music and bluegrass. Separately, not intertwined.

Little Known Fact

I jumped out of an airplane at 21,000 ft in Queensland, New Zealand. The US legal limit is 18,000 ft, so for about 3,000 ft I was cooler than everyone in America.