Paid Search Manager

Nick Messer

Paid Search Pro. GirlDad Expert.

Paid Search Manager

Before Nick entered the world of digital marketing, he helped his wife start her own business. They opened up a food truck selling shaved ice in St. Louis every summer. Getting to see her business grow first hand started a passion for helping people reach their goals

And Nick sure does help others as a Paid Search Manager. He works with our Performance Marketing team to launch, scale and manage campaigns across multiple channels. 

All of Nick’s passions tend to come from his family. You can find him soaking up some daddy-daughter playtime when he isn’t optimizing campaigns. 

Hide and seek, prepping (and eating) extravagant plastic food meals, building puppies with Mega Blocks and picnics with every stuffed animal in sight are staples in his home. 

Favorite Drink

I’m a St. Louis guy, but I’ll give KC the win on this one. For me, you can’t beat an ice cold Boulevard Wheat.

Favorite Music

Christian music or Country music are my go tos.

Little Known Fact

In 2nd grade, I starred in a local talent show performing basketball trick shots while riding a unicycle.