Director, Demand Generation

Miki DeHaven

The definition of a digital native.

Director, Demand Generation


Miki is Director, Demand Generation at Native.

Miki came of age on a Macintosh Classic with integrated floppy drive. For many at that time, “surfing the web” conjured up ideas of cryptic code and jagged pixels. But Miki (pronounced “mee-kee”), had a little more foresight. She was energized by the potential of a digital world — and still is. 

Today, Miki helps our clients by understanding their industries inside out, and then “growing the heck out of” their goals. She loves the relationship-side of her work, and will love you even more if you ask about the latest true crime podcast.

Favorite Drink

Citrusy fizzy stuff is always welcome, with or without alcohol.

Favorite Music

Something with chill vibes, either folksy or a little bluesy.

Little Known Fact

Before I made the smart move into digital I was a hairstylist in Seattle, specializing in children’s cuts. So yes, I will cut your kids’ hair.