Sr Art Director

Manda Blake

Naturally gifted nature lover.

Sr Art Director


Ideas without emotional impact aren’t worth much. Unless your idea is ice cream. You really can’t go wrong with ice cream, says Manda. That truth, borne from a history of directing food photography shoots and full-scale campaigns alike informs her creative process — which positions human truth at the heart of every idea.

Outdoorsy to the max, Manda balances her in-office screen time with hours spent sailing, kayaking, bouldering, paddleboarding, mountain biking, and anything else that ends in “ing.” You can catch her at Lake Jacomo or on top of a climbing wall.

Favorite Drink

Hot black coffee. Winter, spring, summer, and fall — all year, every day.

Favorite Music

Sorry mom, pop-punk wasn’t just a phase.

Little Known Fact

I’ve run a 200 mile relay race from Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast three times, but I don’t consider myself a runner. Apparently, I just like extremes.