Brand Strategist

Lauren Knudson

Inspiring creative work through strategic thinking.

Brand Strategist

For Lauren, it’s all about the angles.

What angle are we viewing client challenges from? What’s the angle in with a certain target audience? There is no one set way to view a problem. So which angle do we take?

As a Brand Strategist, Lauren gets to explore those thoughts on a daily basis. She combines curiosity, strategic thinking and creative intuition to find the right solution at the right time.

Thinking through all of the different ways to land at a strategic insight in an ever-changing world really excites Lauren. It all goes back to a passion for finding the “why” behind a campaign or branding decision growing up.

Which served her well at previous gigs. She helped put together consumer insights and shopper behaviors for brands in the automotive motor oil and food industries. 

If she’s not diving into a brief, you can find Lauren cooking, taking care of her plant babies or binge-watching a new show.

Favorite Drink

Morning — Coffee with cream. Afternoon — Ginger Ale. Night — Logboat Shiphead

Favorite Music

Jungle, Leon Bridges, Rina Sawayama, Remi Wolf, Sylvan Esso, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift

Little Known Fact

 I’m obsessed with Baby Yoda, even though I’ve never seen the Mandalorian. Will I ever watch it? Probably not. I think he’s just the cutest character ever and the obsession is real!