Sr Account Manager

Kelsey Castulik

Always on the go.

Sr Account Manager


Kelsey is always bopping around.

She bops between our clients and internal teams to ensure the work is always workin’ for them. Kelsey’s one to dive deep into every aspect of the client’s business to search for the right solution at the right time. Being along for the entire ride is just another plus.

Nurturing those client relationships is her favorite part of the job. She’s a people person at heart — always looking to cultivate a partnership beyond the business side of things. How’s the family doing by the way?

You can also find Kelsey bopping around the country with her traveling nurse fiance. They move from place to place, but always take time to explore the local breweries and cuddle their kitty, Atticus Finch when they settle in.

Where is she bopping off to next?

Favorite Drink

Give me all the sour craft brews

Favorite Music

Female power songs + best of Earth, Wind & Fire

Little Known Fact

While everyone was stocking up on toilet paper during COVID, I decided to buy a Honda Metropolitan scooter to beep bop around in. Truly there was nowhere to go, but I felt cool riding behind my brother in his top-of-the-line motorcycle lol.