Account Director

Kara Shobe

Leading and connecting teams to get things done.

Account Director


As a senior account manager, Kara is our in-house hype woman on projects from start to finish.

Kara has a knack for turning our clients’ ideas and biggest challenges into specific goals and action plans that are ready to execute. Her ability to foster one-on-one relationships with clients (and our team) makes the work easier for everyone — and makes even our craziest ideas seem possible.

Outside of Native, Kara enjoys walking around her neighborhood, hiking whole mountains or just hanging out on her deck with her boyfriend and dog.

Favorite Drink

Chai tea and smokey whiskey cocktails

Favorite Music

As long as it’s not new-age pop country, I’m down with it.

Little Known Fact

There’s not a food too spicy or a gummy worm too sour. Seriously, try me.