Director, SEM

Kailin Stinson

Turning Leads into Results

Director, SEM

Kailin loves collecting things. Vans (the shoes, not the vehicles), records on vinyl, games for her Nintendo Switch and numbers. All of the numbers.

Kailin is a self-proclaimed nerd that loves combing through data. It serves her well as Native’s SEM Associate Director.  

She manages and optimizes SEM campaigns — focusing on analyzing the performance of our paid search efforts. Targeting, KPIs and landing page optimization are her bread and butter, though. Her love for sifting through numbers really comes through. 

Before coming to Native, Kailin managed paid search efforts in the trucking industry — specifically with recruitment. She helped recruiters work with leads to then become new drivers. Seeing that tangible impact her marketing had fueled her passion for data even further.

 And she can’t wait to provide even more results.

Favorite Drink

Celsius energy drink in the AM and anything with Titos at night.

Favorite Music

Anything but country music. I’m mostly into pop music like Kesha, Charli XCX and Marina. I grew up going to Warped Tour so my music taste is a wide range.

Little Known Fact

Before marketing, I only ever worked in the restaurant industry. To this day, I still have a habit of stacking up all the plates whenever I go out to eat.