Director, Project Manager

Jessica Vogt

Lover of problem solving, organization and talking.

Director, Project Management


Jessica works with the account team, creatives and strategists to ensure work gets executed efficiently at Native.

From scheduling projects, monitoring tasks and making sure all questions have answers, she’s involved with nearly all Native projects at every step of the way. She says she got into this industry because of the fast-paced environment. Thankfully, she’s able to slow it down just a bit for the rest of us.

Outside of work, you can find her exploring the Waldo neighborhood with her husband, traveling as much as she can and spoiling her dog, Henry.

Favorite Drink

A cozy glass of Cabernet

Favorite Music

All day? Gregory Alan Isakov. All night? Beyonce.

Little Known Fact

I used to have a segment on my HS news channel called Jess’ Guesses where I guessed sports scores for upcoming games.