Director, Brand Strategy

Greg Vodicka

“It all starts with an insight. But it can’t end there.”

Director, Brand Strategy

Greg likes to say that strategy is the most misunderstood form of creativity. Native is a collective of strategic-creatives and creative-strategists, so as Native’s Brand Strategy Director you’ll find Greg straddling between our two worlds of data-driven insights and creative ideas.

One of Greg’s favorite past projects was when he launched a research & consulting practice called FutureCast, which focused on emerging consumer segments (you know, #millennials). During that time, Greg helped produce three books and collaborated with dozens of world-class brands like Hershey’s, Whole Foods, Anheuser-Busch and Hearst Media.

Greg says his favorite part of working at Native is watching creative and strategy collide to produce something truly meaningful.

When he’s not at the office, you can probably find Greg tasting his way through KC’s craft cocktail and culinary scene or cruising around in his Jeep (with the top-down, of course).

Favorite Drink

The go-to is bourbon, but as Greg would say, “Show me whatcha’ got, barkeep!”

Favorite Music

Lately, it’s Twin Peaks, Ron Gallo and the Shins (but put on some 90’s throwback hits and you might see some wicked air guitar skills).

Little Known Fact

I’m an awful cook and an even worse speller. You can only imagine how miserable I look wandering around the grocery store trying to Google “What does a cherimoya look like?