Associate Director, SEO & CRO

Frank Young

Always looking up.

Associate Director, SEO

Frank is obsessed with improving things.

Or should we say optimizing? Either way, it makes him the perfect fit as our Associate Director, SEO.

Frank is a natural at helping our clients capture more traffic on Google — all while addressing searchers’ needs in the most efficient way possible. Truly a win-win situation. 

It’s what he loves most about his job. Everyday, he can make the internet better for someone out there.

When he’s not improving someone’s search experience, you can find Frank rock climbing, hanging out with his dog or nerding out over some UFOs (more on that later).

Favorite Drink

Can’t go wrong with a flight of beer.

Favorite Music

Country when relaxing, EDM when working, rap when working out.

Little Known Fact

I’m pretty obsessed with UFOs and aliens. I’m about to join the local chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). It’s even nerdier than it sounds.