Paid Search Manager

 Ethan Kirby

A fortune-telling, website-driving analyst.

Paid Search Manager

Ethan cannot see the future. At least that’s what he’d tell you. We don’t buy it.

See, for this seer, Ethan has a history of using several multivariate techniques to gain insights. Like, say, predicting energy prices based on weather patterns in Texas. 

Instead of a single crystal ball, he uses a variety of other clairvoyant tools like keyword research, performance analytics and the oft-forgotten focus group.

Here’s a prediction for you: with a proven method, Ethan will uncover and discover insights — the kind of insights that lead to more informed decision making.

All we know with 100% certainty is that we’re glad he used that informed decision making to decide to be a part of our team.

Preferred pronouns: He/Him

Favorite Drink

Black coffee or a homemade oatmilk latte.

Favorite Music

Pop, indie and easy hits.

Little Known Fact

When I was 9, I pushed open a glass door too hard in an art museum and watched it shatter to the ground.