Paid Social Coordinator

 Emily Kepley

Most likely to be the nicest person you’ll meet.

Paid Social Coordinator

Meet our B2C matchmaker. 

Need some help with your paid social ads? She’s on it. Through full-funnel demand strategies, she helps brands reach the right audience at the right time — generating more mutually beneficial results for all. 

When she isn’t busy overseeing social ads and being generally friendly around the office (no, really — she’s so friendly), you can find Emily kicking back with a book, crankin’ up her favorite tunes, or occasionally catching flights.

Preferred pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Favorite Drink

Coffee (usually vanilla flavored) or sweet tea

Favorite Music

Alternative/Indie. The type of music you would hear sitting in a coffee shop.

Little Known Fact

  I have a pet turtle named Scuba.