Organice Search Manager

Christian Cabney

Brewing up strong insights.

Organic Search Manager

Not everyone finds their passion in college, but Christian is one of the lucky few who did.

He stumbled across SEO in one of his courses and the merging of statistics and websites just felt so right. Sprinkle in that rush of being the one that optimized a top-ranking site, and he was hooked.

Chasing that top rank is just half the fun for Christian, though. He’s always looking for ways to help businesses establish their brand as an authority, and optimizing their website to create a positive experience for visitors. 

When he’s not cooking up strategies to boost traffic, Christian enjoys hiking, collecting, listening to music, caring for two large kitties, and spending time with his friends and girlfriend. All of which he may or may not do with a locally crafted brew in hand, but more on that below.

Preferred pronouns: He/Him

Favorite Drink

A well-balanced NE IPA

Favorite Music

Rap/Hip Hop – Jack Harlow

Little Known Fact

I Co-Founded/Run a local craft beer review brand called Omaha Brew Dogs. Check us out on our socials as well as our website.