Junior Brand Analyst

 Cameron Jordan

The residential deep-diver.

Junior Brand Analyst

For some, spending days taking loads of information and turning it into something of use sounds daunting — not for Cameron.

When faced with the obstacles surrounding communication, research, and branding, Cameron sees opportunity. He analyzes resources with a critical, caring eye, and identifies themes and trends that can serve as a brand’s launch pad into the next phase. We weren’t lying when we said he dives deep.

You can catch Cameron coming up for air by playing frisbee golf, watching one of his favorite teams, or exploring Kansas City.

Preferred pronouns: He/Him/His

Favorite Drink

Black coffee, a cappuccino, beer, or an old fashioned.

Favorite Music

John Mayer, Band Camino, Spencer Crandall, The Black Keys, Styx, and everything in between.

Little Known Fact

 I was once attacked by the roaming peacocks at the Kansas City zoo. Notice how they aren’t roaming anymore? You’re welcome.