Digital Designer

 Caitlyn Gates

Designer of dope digital stuff and major Al Pacino fan.

Digital Designer

Caitlyn works with her fellow creatives and strategists to create things that are not only wow-worthy, but down right smart. 

Yeah, really. Not only is Caitlyn passionate about the aesthetic aspects of design, but she has a keen eye for delivering a super user experience. 

When she’s not designing, Caitlyn hangs out with her dog, goes on bike rides, watches movies (ask her what her favorite Pacino performance is), throws down at bar trivia, and plays volleyball really really poorly.* 

* We cannot confirm or deny this statement at this time.

Favorite Drink

Miller Lite & Diet Coke (separately)

Favorite Music

I like a smidge of everything, but I’m pretty big into doo-wop and motown? Also dad rock, proto-punk and new wave. Jonathan Richman is my favorite musical artist.

Little Known Fact

I collect Garfields.