Director, Search & Acquisition

Brandon Abbott

English teacher turned paid search pro.

VP, Search & Acquisition

Before stepping into the world of marketing, Brandon was an English teacher in Seoul, Korea. It might sound like a big shift, but what Brandon loves about marketing is the many similarities it shares with teaching. “Communicating with others, seeking deep understanding and a desire to help people are also big parts of the weird, constantly changing world of marketing. It’s no wonder he’s a natural fit as Native’s Search & Acquisition Director. 

Day to day, Brandon helps our clients with paid search — diving deep into keyword analysis, planning the best course of action and managing campaigns. But if you ask him, his favorite part of the job is the freedom to obsess with the challenges each project brings. 

When he’s not geeking out over his projects at work, you can find Brandon driving around town listening to podcasts, trying new recipes or catching up on his favorite shows with his wife. 

Favorite Drink

Coffee (black), water (lots), beer (free)

Favorite Music

Pretty much anything they might play in the background at a coffee shop, and plenty of things that they probably shouldn’t.

Little Known Fact

I always wanted to have a nickname, but (in the time before Game of Thrones) I wasn’t aware of any that fit “Brandon”, so in middle and high school I just introduced myself to everyone as “Ned.” Pretty much everyone who “knew me when” still calls me Ned.