Visual Designer

 Bhroovi Gupta

A creativity chef of sorts.

Visual Designer

Bhroovi savors every bite of the creative process in and out of the office. 

To her, visual design is the avenue to create thought-provoking and functional solutions for all. And as a highly collaborative individual, having the opportunity to turn concepts upside down and inside out with her fellow creatives really lights her fire – just like any good chef. 

During her off time, you can find her whipping up some of her favorites (butter chicken and rajma rice – yum) in the kitchen. And as a designer through and through, you already know she takes a moment to appreciate her work with camera and fork in hand before digging in.

Preferred pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Favorite Drink

Cosmos & Moscow mules

Favorite Music

Two Feet, Tove Lo, Dijit Dosanjh punjabi mixes and currently, the Euphoria album.

Little Known Fact

 I got my scuba diver’s license when I was 16. I absolutely love the water, just like a true Pisces should.