Sr Designer

Benten Woodring

Designer, traveler and coffee drinker.

Sr Designer

Benten is a designer, traveler and coffee drinker. Around here, you’ll find him working with our creative and strategy teams, using a big-picture mindset to create beautiful brand visuals and UX/UI design for our clients.

A self-taught designer, Benten has a passion for projects with meaning. He’s worked with companies ranging from small businesses and nonprofits to tech startups and Fortune 1000 corporations, but what gets him most excited is working with businesses that use their products or services to positively shape the world around them.

Outside work, Benten stays busy working on freelance design projects, but is happiest when he can spend as much time as possible with his wife and two kids. Before settling in Kansas City, Benton and his family traveled the U.S. in a camper trailer. Benten says the best part of traveling full-time was waking up in a new place everyday, having nature as his living room, and growing closer as a family.

Favorite Drink

Coffee (and a strong Old Fashioned from time to time.)

Favorite Music

It varies, but I’ll often come back to Tycho, Small Black, Real Estate and Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Little Known Fact

My first job out of college was at a homeless youth drop-in center, where I operated a small screen printing shop and taught job skills to at-risk youth. I taught myself how to design while I was there and made my first foray into the industry shortly thereafter.